JRC response to Ofcom Review of spectrum fees (Fixed links and Satellite Services)

This is an initial consultation on a review of spectrum fees for all authorisations for fixed links and satellite services. The starting point for the fees proposals is a report commissioned from Plum Consulting that addresses a range of issues including estimates of opportunity cost for fees based on Administered Incentive Pricing (AIP). This consultation does not propose new fees levels, but seeks stakeholders’ views on the opinions expressed by Plum in its report, etc.
JRC notes that the proposed 1.4 GHz band fees may be 4 x the current fees.
JRC is concerned that Plum’s analysis concentrates solely on economic values, discounting socio-economic value. Table 3-1 illustrates that the lower frequency bands are of greater importance from a socio-economic viewpoint than higher frequencies due to the predominance of public safety and utilities at the lower frequency end of the scale.