JRC Response to the Call for Input on the Ofcom Strategic review of satellite and space science use of spectrum

This Call for Input asks for stakeholders’ input to Ofcom’s strategic review of spectrum used by the satellite and space science sectors. The review aims to look forward over the medium and long term, up to around 20 years out. This timeframe reflects the long planning times and lifecycles for satellite and space science investments, and the long lead-time for any potential regulatory changes that require international agreement.
JRC highlights that the importance of a satellite system is not necessarily proportional to the amount of data that it communicates. For example, the whole of the UK’s gas and transmission network requires less than a kilobit per second of data back-hauled primarily by satellite to monitor and control the entire high and medium pressure network. JRC highlights that satellite communications are playing an increasingly important role in utility operations to complement terrestrial communications in remote areas where terrestrial communications are disproportionately expensive and to enhance telecommunications resilience for the benefit of all UK citizens and specifically electricity and gas consumers. JRC notes that Ofcom is 'seeking to make more and better information available to stakeholders on spectrum use.' JRC is concerned that Ofcom does not publish information that could jeopardise the security of the UK's critical national infrastructure (CNI), and seeks assurance from Ofcom that this data will be protected.