JRC Response to DCMS Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review: Call for Evidence

The Joint Radio Company (JRC) welcomes the opportunity to respond to this call for views and in particular we support the approach from Government to consider alternative market frameworks when seeking to establish the market for ‘future new digital infrastructure.’ Moreover, future Industrial Developments will be predicated on the establishment of next generation digital communications infrastructure that will enable initiatives such as ‘Smart Grid.’ Noting that ‘Smart Grid’ is central to establishing the UK’s ‘Low Carbon Economy’ then we encourage DCMS to ensure alignment between the Policy framework designed to facilitate the new digital communications infrastructure and broader Policy interventions across Government.
In addition, we see merit in considering the role that Industry Verticals, e.g. Energy, Automotive, Health and Care might have when establishing the market framework for ‘new digital infrastructure.’ Moreover, Industry Verticals may facilitate reach and capacity on a truly national basis that has to date not been economically rationale for existing licensed operators.
Finally, we encourage DCMS and Government more broadly to note that the availability of UK Communication Networks is dependent on access to resilient and robust electricity supplies which are subsequently predicated on secure access to interference free wireless-based control systems. To this end, where spectrum access is a key component of enabling Critical Infrastructure such as Energy Networks then this aspect should be captured in DCMS’s ongoing oversight of Critical Communications Infrastructure.