JRC response to the DCMS Call for Views: 5G Trials and Testbeds Programme

The Joint Radio Company (JRC) welcomes the opportunity to respond to this call for views and in particular we support the approach from Government to provide funding support to 5G developments to enable future UK competitiveness.
In terms of the three use cases to be explored we endorse the observation that Massive Machine-Type Communications will be directly relevant to the ‘Energy’ sector in the future and see merit in linking this initiative to the Energy Network’s Association Open Networks Project which is seeking to establish sophisticated approaches to electricity Demand Management. In addition, when considering Ultra-Reliable, Low Latency Communications URLLC this also has a direct relevance to the Energy Supply Sector. The energy supply sector currently utilises this capability on a limited scale to control power supplies but in future there will be enhanced need for this capability at all levels of the energy network and as such the amount of active network components needing this type of critical communications capability will likely increase by two orders of magnitude. Furthermore, a key component of enabling URLLC type systems is access to resilient and robust energy supplies and / or having back-up energy present locally. Hence there is a direct relationship between the energy supply industry and future URLLC type solutions from both the Demand and Supply perspectives and we are keen to work with DCMS to establish this aspect as part of future initiatives.
Finally, it is worth noting the emphasis placed by Government on Mobile when describing the 5G initiative and we encourage Government not to overlook the potential for the 5G technology to be deployed in a Fixed Wireless Access context and that this approach should also be considered within the 5G Pilots.