Ofcom Consultation: Proposed Guidance on protecting access to emergency organisations when there is a power cut

The four principles proposed in the consultation appear wise and well founded. However, there appear to be a number of significant assumptions in the consultation without the evidential basis to support the position being adopted. These include:
• The assumption that mobile phone networks will provide service during power cuts.
• The one hour minimum power backup duration seems sensible given the Ofgem data that 67% of power outages are restored within 1 hour.
• The assertion that most calls to the emergency services would occur shortly after the initial power outages has no evidential basis.
• Paragraph 3.10 describes a situation where some 'households have a history of long-duration power outages'. It is incumbent on the electricity network provider to remedy known situations.
• The increasing use of fempto cells to provide domestic mobile coverage, back-hauled on broadband, will not work if a power cut is not addressed.