Ofcom WRC 2019 Preparations - JRC Response

The JRC requests that the UK 26 GHz position be revised to align with the RSPG opinion (RSPG18-005 FINAL).
M2M and IoT appear to have become generic terms for most types of data transmission systems. The term Resilient Machine to Machine (RM2M) is becoming increasingly used to distinguish when an M2M system includes the necessary enhanced resilience.
JRC is concerned that, without sufficient restrictions, non-GSO systems operating within the 460 to 470 MHz band could cause harmful interference to the UK's electricity and gas grid monitoring and control systems.
JRC proposes the introduction of 'Utility Operations' as an ITU defined service in the same way as Public Safety and Disaster Relief (PPDR) and Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) are identified as distinct services requiring special recognition.