ComReg Further Consultation on the Release of the 410 – 415.5 / 420 – 425.5 MHz Sub-band

JRC supports the actions of the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) for the proposed release of the radio spectrum noted and in particular the recommendation to assign 2 x 3 MHz of the band on a service specific basis to enable ‘Smart Grid’ activities in Ireland.
JRC encourages ComReg to adopt an open approach to the operating mode that can be used and in so doing permit both TDD and FDD to be deployed in the band and in so doing allow the entity that wins the spectrum to deploy it in whichever mode best serves their operational requirements.
The roll-out obligations proposed for the Part A lot require further consideration as they appear to be reflective of a typical mobile network roll-out where coverage drives revenue. The drivers behind the deployment of Smart Grid capability will be to establish enhanced asset utilisation, minimise customer outages, allow distributed generation to be connected quicker and increase availability.