JRC Response to RSPG Opinion on 5G implementation challenges (RSPG 3rd opinion on 5G)

JRC observes that the majority of electricity utilities in the UK utilise self-licenced spectrum. This allows their electricity grid control systems to include the necessary resilience requirements, e.g. up to five days power backup. (JRC notes that for the mobile operators it would be uneconomic to construct a business case to support the cost of upgrading mobile operator infrastructure to include the necessary power resilience for such a limited user base).
Moreover, JRC emphasises that the requirement for system resilience has necessitated access to exclusive spectrum, e.g. self-managed 12.5 / 25 kHz narrow band channels and Ofcom (UK) managed channels for the fixed links backhaul.
JRC does not believe the market would be well served if vertical sectors could only access spectrum by leasing from operators or through licence-exempt spectrum. This would be a major detrimental step for spectrum access.