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Equipment Buyers' Information Sheet

JRC is receiving an increasing number of enquiries regarding radio equipment that has been purchased and is subsequently found to be either un-licensable in the UK and / or does not operate to the specification for which it was bought.
JRC therefore offers the following advice. Before considering purchasing equipment, ensure that it: ...

JRC Response to Ofcom consultation on WRC-15

The 1.4 GHz fixed link UHF band (1350-1375 MHz paired with 1492 -1517 MHz) is a valuable asset used by most UK electricity companies for operational communications. It should be protected against surrender to mobile data services unless an equivalent band can be made available in a similar frequency band. In setting the Agenda for WRC18, identifying suitable spectrum for utilities’ operational communications should be included.

JRC Response to UK Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy

The government strategy aims to ensure that the UK builds on its strong digital foundations to benefit from world class communication networks to support economic growth and wider social benefits. At the same time, the Digital Taskforce wishes to identify any issues that might affect the development and deployment of digital infrastructure and consider how these can be addressed. JRC points out that without reliable electricity supplies, the most advanced digital communications network in the world is worthless.

Promoting Innovation and Investment in the IoT

JRC's response to Ofcom's document "Promoting Innovation and Investment in the IoT" highlights that utilities have for over half a century used machine-to-machine communications, but the security, resilience and latency requirements are far more stringent than the newly recognised M2M category. The growth of intelligent utility networks will result in the need for much more M2M communication which will almost certainly require dedicated networks and spectrum if the integrity of the operations of these critical networks is not to be compromised.

The Socio-economic value of spectrum in providing utility services to support their operations

In 2011, JRC conducted a socio-economic study of the use of radio spectrum in supporting utility operations . The report examined the economic value and the additional value to society of incorporating advanced telecommunications into a previously largely passive grid. The “additional value to society” refers to a number of non-marketable benefits which, although not creating wealth, are valued by society. The report concluded that the socio-economic value of a reliable electricity supply is at least 50-150 times the retail price of the electricity supplied.
The original report was based largely on historic data covering a period of some 35 years during which time western societies have become increasingly dependent on a reliable supply of electricity to support their standard of living. This new report follows up the previous work and applies further analysis, looking at the value of spectrum use to customers, utilities and society as a whole using more recent data.

Economic Analysis of Spectrum Pricing in the light of auction results in the first ten years

The very high prices achieved by spectrum when auctions were first introduced was an aberration. It is unlikely such high prices will be seen again in the future.
Auction conditions are a major determining factor in the prices achieved. Where a government has sought to set conditions to favour new entrants in order to stimulate competition, the prices have been lower than where existing operators have not had limits imposed.

The Socio-Economic Value of Radio Spectrum used by Utilities in support of their operations

The purpose of this study was to investigate whether there might be an element of socio-economic value attributable to radio spectrum deployed by utilities in the conduct of their business; and if this is the case, to place an indication of the amount of socio-economic value which might thus be overlooked if an award is made purely on the basis of the economic value of the radio spectrum to the utilities concerned.

Response to EC Consultation

JRC has responded to an EC Consultation on the use of spectrum for more efficient energy production and distribution.

Response to Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2011-12

Response by JRC Ltd to the Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2011/12. Response by JRC Ltd to the Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2011/12. Response by JRC Ltd to the Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2011/12. Response by JRC Ltd to the Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2011/12. Response by JRC Ltd to the Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2011/12. Response by JRC Ltd to the Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2011/12

Response to DCG consultation on WAN Services Oct 2010

JRC Response to DCG consultation on WAN Services (22nd October 2010)