Wind Farm Documents

Calculation of the Clearance Zone

The method adopted by JRC to obtain a value for the wind turbine Clearance Zone.
This document, originally published in 2009 was updated in December, 2014.

Procedure for co-ordinating with wind energy developments

The procedure used by JRC to process coordination applications from wind energy developers. Updated December, 2014.

Sample Movie Clip

[AVI:3MiB] Sample clip of interference to a SCADA link caused by wind turbine reflective/diffractive effects. The SCADA carrier in this clip would normally be almost completely stable.

Research Report

[PDF:1.7 MiB] Investigating interference caused to a JRC SCADA link by a local wind energy installation.

The David Bacon Method

[PDF:120 kiB] A method of calculating the exclusion zones around microwave links - originally published by the Radiocommunications Agency. Alternatively, download from Ofcom: here.