JRC response to the Wireless Telegraphy (Licence Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 proposal

The document consulted on proposals to change the current licence fees for some Wireless Telegraphy Act products. This was part of the fourth phase of an increase in fees for aeronautical licences, announced in June 2011. The proposed regulations will also introduce fees for high duty cycle network relay points, which connect individual devices together and to connect them to networks. Furthermore, the proposals set out to make some minor modifications to the definitions used in relation to fixed link and business radio licence fees.
JRC is pleased that High Duty Cycle Network Relay Points licences have been made available because this spectrum may be suitable for applications including Smart Meters.
JRC is also pleased that additional 400 MHz UHF spectrum is being made available to Business Radio users because this spectrum may be suitable for resilient machine to machine (RM2M) Utility Operations systems, e.g. Smart Grids.
JRC identified a potential knock-on issue if UHF Band I and UHF Band II become referred to as the UHF Band within the licensing process. See the response for more details.