JRC Response to the Ofcom consultation on the Business Connectivity Market Review. Very low bandwidth leased lines.

This document concerns Ofcom’s proposal for retail very low bandwidth (VLB) leased lines in the UK. These services provide dedicated, symmetric, data connections with either analogue or digital interfaces operating at bandwidths lower than 2Mbit/s. Ofcom seeks stakeholders’ comments on its proposals that with effect from 1 April 2016 it should remove all current regulations from BT’s retail provision of VLB leased lines and also modify similar regulations which currently apply to KCOM. Several operators of public services, such as water and energy utilities, still use some legacy data services which provide dedicated analogue and very low bandwidth (lower than 2Mbit/s) connections for critical applications, i.e. monitoring, protection and control of electricity and gas networks, and are still likely to be using them during the next BCMR period.
JRC advises that some licensed utility operators responsible for managing critical national infrastructure are limited to only migrating to the Ethernet systems supplied by BT. There is some concern regarding their use for resilient machine to machine (RM2M) systems.