JRC response to the Ofcom framework for spectrum sharing

Demand for spectrum is growing significantly and will continue to do so. Spectrum sharing will become increasingly important to serve that demand. This Ofcom document proposes a new framework for our thinking about spectrum sharing, which will offer a model for systematically considering whether frequencies have the potential to be shared. Ofcom expects to use this framework when defining new spectrum authorisation and when seeking to identify spectrum to meet new demands.
JRC notes Ofcom's objective to ensure the appropriate spectrum is available to meet demand from both new and existing uses and minimise the scope for spectrum to remain underutilised. It is therefore hoped that Ofcom will recognise the importance of the UK-wide supply of electricity and facilitate the availability of spectrum for new and existing Utility Operations systems. JRC notes that Ofcom could 'include information on actual use (rather than authorisations)' and is therefore very concerned that Ofcom may publish information that could jeopardise the safety and security of the UK's critical national infrastructure (CNI), and seeks assurance from Ofcom that this will not be published.