National Infrastructure Assessment Call For Evidence

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) launched a 15 week call for evidence to provide input into the development of its National Infrastructure Assessment, and encourages all interested parties to submit evidence, ideas and solutions.
The Commission will produce an NIA once in every Parliament, setting out the Commission’s assessment of long-term infrastructure needs on a 30-year time horizon with recommendations to the government. In completing the NIA, the Commission will build on the work of individual actors, including government departments, sub-national and regional bodies and regulators. The Commission will consider the demand and supply of infrastructure services, such as journeys or communication, as well as infrastructure assets, such as roads or fibre optic cables.
The Commission will cover economic infrastructure in the NIA but sectors will not be tackled independently from each other. The NIA will be developed by assessing the infrastructure system as a whole using a robust, common methodology to develop needs assessments that take account of strategic cross-sector considerations and resilience implications. In terms of the individual sectors, the Commission will cover: transport, digital communications, energy, water and wastewater (drainage and sewerage), flood risk management, and solid waste.
The JRC Response includes highlighting the importance of the continued stable supply of electricty and the future limited spectrum requirements needed to achieve this.