This consultation proposes to use the spectrum in the 410 to 450 MHz (UHF Band 1) and 450 to 470 MHz (UHF Band 2) bands more intensively and efficiently to best address the requirements of current and future users.
JRC indicates that the bandwidth requirements of its UHF systems will increase within the medium or long term future. Primarily, there is a requirement to increase its current data rates from 9.6 kbit/s in 12.5 kHz narrow band channels to 64 kbit/s in 25 kHz narrow band channels and ultimately to even wider bandwidth systems with Mbit/s capabilities.
In line with our European neighbours, it will be very helpful if Ofcom can make available sufficiently more spectrum for the resilient machine to machine (RM2M) systems used to control of the UK’s growing critical infrastructure utilities’ Smart Grid(s), e.g. 2 x 3 MHz within the 380 to 470 MHz Band.
Within some European countries, critical infrastructure utility operations already have access to sufficient 400 MHz Band spectrum (typically within 450 to 470 MHz) to operate their Smart Grid systems.